I perceive graphic design in very tight connection with psychology. It’s a deep analysis of perspectives, different ways of thinking and decision-making, and figuring out a way to influence that.

It’s about delivering a message right to a place where feelings are created. It’s enthralling to observe emotions and feelings that occur when people interact with art and design. It’s fascinating to analyze the causes of such reactions. The ability to identify a link between brush strokes,  shapes and color schemes and the viewers’ emerged emotions and thoughts assists me well in creating artwork for the purpose of visual communication and problem-solving.

I’m working with graphic design because it makes me happy. “Happy” perhaps is a naive and plain word. Personal happiness is such a narrow and selfish reason, but the meaning of it is deep and essential. Happiness is a state of flow. Psychology describes it as a state in which one is fully engaged, focused and consciously present. It is a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized concentration, complete involvement, and enjoyment of the process. This condition is absolutely necessary in order to reach your full potential and make the most out of life. Doing what makes you happy does not mean doing something effortlessly but rather being aware of the challenges and approaching them mindfully. A work that comes from an honestly happy place spreads the honest happiness (we usually call this effect “inspiration”). It’s contagious. It forces other people to do what they are truly passionate about and forces others to strive for happiness. Win-win for everyone.